How to get the most out of your  Spin360   Video Booth   experience

How It Works...

Choose Your Device

While you are waiting - decide whether to use your own video device (e.g. your smart phone) or just download the video from our iPad Station with the custom overlay. There are pros and cons of both. Sometimes in a big queue people just prefer to use their own. The advantage is that you can also livestream, customise the video your way and upload straight to your socials (don't forget to tag us) or share with family and friends

Strike A Pose

Browse the Novelty table for a prop (if you want one). Step up onto the booth & get ready! Strike a pose or prepare to just dance (remember that you are on a platform so be careful and please only dance from the waist up (much better if you keep your feet still)

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our booth attendants will count down for when our camera starts recording. Feel the energy as the camera rotates around you, creating a stunning visual spectacle. To get the best look try and keep your eyes trained on the camera as it rotates around you for as far as you can! The booth attendant will let you know when to safely step down

Become Instafamous

Once you have finished you can line up at our iPad Station to download our customised video of your experience. We use a combination of effects, slow-motion and reverse to give it a unique and classy vibe. Depending on your device will largely effect what method we use to download the video to you (along with internet connection and the size of the video file). Our booth attendant will talk you through what will be best for your device to make this as easy and quick as possible

Our Guidelines

Please follow all directions provided by our attendants

Our booth attendants are here to make sure you have both a safe and enjoyable experience. Please treat them with courtesy and respect

Don't proceed past the "Enter Here" sign until directed

In between our guests and patrons taking their turn on the booth there are often some general maintenance tasks that need to be done. There is generally not a lot of room around the booth so it makes it a bit tight with too many people around it at the same time. Also when the booth is in operation then we can't have someone else in the vicinity of the booth as the arm that holds the camera can move very quickly and may cause injury

No jumping on or off the booth

This can damage the booth, the motor, the belt that runs the booth, the lights etc. If the booth breaks down that will ruin the experience for you and everyone around you so please do not jump on or off. Please also do not jump around while it is in operation

Food & drink cannot be brought within the boundaries of the Spin360 Video Booth space

This is for obvious reasons. We have a lot of electrical components to the booth, lighting and special effects. Food or drink can be potentially hazardous to your safety and also may cause damage to the booth

Patrons deemed to be intoxicated may be excluded from the booth at the discretion of the attendant

This will be purely at the attendant's discretion. We have attendants trained in RSA and first aid. If they feel you at a level of intoxication where you are going to be a risk to yourself, others, or the equipment then you will not be able to utilize the booth

Please don't try to step off the booth while the camera arm is in motion

If you decide you want to step down off the booth prior to the attendant ending the video and stopping the camera arm moving them please signal the attendant and wait for them to allow the arm to come to a complete stop. It is metal and quite heavy which could cause injury

The booth can only hold a maximum of 4 people

The attendant will speak with you prior to your turn and see how many of you are wanting to have a go together. The attendant will advise of the maximum amount of people depending on your group. It is rated to hold 1 to 4 average people however we need to ensure there is enough space and safe working limit for weight

Look after the props & return them to the novelty table once your session has been completed

Please take care of the props so that others can also enjoy them. We do understand that sometimes things can get damaged by accident. If you can assist us by returning them to the novelty table once you have had your go then it will allow other guests and patrons to have a choice of what they may want to use as well

Lastly, stay classy & enjoy! Thank you

Don't end up being infamous! INSTAFAMOUS is good! Infamous is bad! Remember that video is in use and that other people may be recording and/or livestreaming at the same time. You don't want to do something you are going to regret the next day (or any other time). So have fun and make sure you don't ruin someone else's fun! Thank you and enjoy!

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